Latest Developments

We are delighted to present this 7th newsletter describing our projects and the progress they are making, to let children and young people enjoy learning at schools and receiving new opportunities to learn skills in order to excel in the jobs we link them with.The focus of the Child Friendly School Programme for the coming 5-year period will have a strong emphasis on monitoring the effects the activities we’ve introduced in schools over the previous 4 years have had on the children, teachers, the school and the communities as a whole.Without these stakeholders taking the lead, it will be impossible for us to convince the government the model works. There have been a number of achievements which are worth mentioning here. One of our funding partners, Children4Children Nepal, committed to supporting our sports in schools project, new FAB scholarships and to cover the salary of new project staff. Another one is the successful bid for a large 2 year project in partnership with Plan International, 3 Sisters and GATE College providing training and job opportunities to 300 vulnerable migrant female workers. This project starts this month.

We also submitted a large grant request for the 3 phase of the construction of the FAB School, which if successful, will allow us to expand so as to house at least 3 more training courses, after which we can rightfully rename it to ‘The FAB Teaching Hotel School’.

Enjoy the read!
Douglas & Insuba Maclagan – Co-Founders

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